Corporate Coaching

Who’s it for?

  • You’re a team leader or executive in a large organisation
  • You’re looking to develop your, or a specific team’s, managerial skills
  • Your workplace is struggling with miscommunication, unclear boundaries or team culture.
  • You’d benefit from learning and development training in-house.

I offer half-day workshops to larger organisations and small businesses. Team coaching focuses on the interactions between individuals and is always adapted to specific needs of your organisation. Workshops enhance leadership, communication and team culture and may involve discussing and exploring each other’s personal styles and preferences, in order to adapt interactions to ensure the team always delivers more than the sum of its parts.

How my coaching works

I believe your needs should always dictate the coaching experience. So we’ll begin with a complimentary Chemistry Session, to establish whether we’re a good fit. Then we’ll discuss your needs and goals to settle on the right amount of coaching needed. It might be six sessions over six months or a shorter, focused burst of mentoring to get you ready for a specific life event. Whatever works for you. I coach from both London and Suffolk, as well as all over the world via Zoom!