Is it time for A Change of Tack?

Hi, I'm Sarah. I coach ambitious individuals to navigate change in their personal, business and domestic lives.

Your potential is limitless. But your beliefs are limiting.

Do you know what stories you’ve been telling yourself? Have you ever stopped to think about it?

You’re at the top of your game. You’ve achieved your career ambitions, and then some.

Yet leadership doesn’t fulfil you the way it used to. Your career is starting to feel like box-ticking. Perhaps there’s also a new dynamic or life transition at play? Between family, career and personal obligations, you’re feeling pulled in too many directions at once and a nagging voice is telling you there’s something more for you.

But without the time or space to step away and interrogate those feelings, you don’t know what that ‘more’ is.

I know, because I was there. For years, work defined me. But, in my quest to excel in my career, it left no time for self-reflection.

“What do I want from my life?”

A few simple words. A hugely complex question.

If you’re asking it too, know that you already hold the key to a life, career and inner world of your making.

As your coach, I’m here to help you access it.


How can I help? No-fluff 121 coaching & corporate workshops

My role as a life and business coach is to help you interrogate and understand the beliefs that hold you back. So my coaching includes career, personal and life coaching. They’re all different in theory, but often overlap in practice. We humans are complex creatures!

Are you struggling to navigate a change in your family set-up? Or perhaps your own upbringing is impacting your relationships with your children? I bring a unique perspective from my own adoption, as well as a masters in Business & Personal coaching (WBIS), to examine the often challenging impact our own experience of ‘family’ can have on our habits, relationships and parenting style. 

Whether you’re finding your feet after a challenging divorce or redundancy, or simply seeking a new direction in life or business, our time together will leave you clear and empowered to take the next steps. Being adopted, I also bring an empathetic perspective and plenty of experience navigating changing or complex family dynamics. Together, we’ll articulate what it means for you to live a more fulfilling life. On your terms – not somebody else’s.

What others are saying

I’d hit a mental brick wall and for the first time in 25 years lacked certainty of direction. Within 3 sessions Sarah had identified the crux of the issue and set me on a course of correction! Delighted!

Chief Marketing Officer

AlShaya Group

Thoughtful and insightful sessions. They provided an opportunity for reflection on the past and encouraged a challenge to current thinking in terms of prioritisation of future actions.

Andrew Comer

BuroHappold Engineering

 Working with Sarah is extremely insightful and useful – she’s very focussed and not remotely fluffy. Her questions are challenging, and I leave every session feeling energised and clear in my objectives, both in the short & longer term

Author & Director 

Investors Relations Connect

Sarah’s approach is a breath of freshair, literally to unravel life’s choices and determine what worked best and why. Then tenaciously ask the right questions until the light comes back on!

Corporate Affairs Director


I had the unique opportunity to seek advice and guidance from Sarah on both a personal and business level. Following a redundancy and personal problems, Sarah provided me with a structured, in depth and extremely insightful vision towards achieving the end goal. Due to Sarah’s guidance I have now secured what one can describe as the ‘unicorn role’ and my personal life is far more balanced and structured. 

Event Director

Craft Beer Rising at Elastic

Sarah has instilled some long-term lessons and approaches for me that resurface every time I meet another one of those roadblocks. I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Sarah through a mutual connection during a period of professional and personal change. The way Sarah has helped me to reposition my perspective of my own situation and professional relationships has led to a period of personal growth.



Sarah has been a great support to me over the last year to guide me through some challenging situations at work. She has always provided a professional and knowledgeable counsel, creating a safe environment to address a range of topics. Her ability to help me reflect and have a manageable number of clear and defined actions from each session. Thank you Sarah, your support is hugely appreciated.

J Hamp

Sport England