Career & Executive Business Coaching

Who’s it for?

  • Corporate success has begun to feel like box-ticking for you.
  • You’re starting to resent the things you once strived for.
  • You’ve always been ambitious and driven. But with retirement on the horizon, you’re starting to think about life outside your career.
  • Your sense of identity revolves around work.
  • You struggle to picture your life without the buzz of busy and fulfilling work.
  • You’re at a crossroads. Returning to work after maternity leave, heading into a new role or considering a career change.

Our coaching will focus on uncovering your values, hidden talents and deeper questions. Using tools such as personality and psychometric testing, we’ll tap into what really lights you up, and work through ways to bring that to work with you, make a career sidestep or find more joy outside of your career. If you’re looking to retire soon, we’ll illuminate an equally fulfilling gameplan after a successful career.

How my coaching works

I believe your needs should always dictate the coaching experience. So we’ll begin with a complimentary Chemistry Session, to establish whether we’re a good fit. Then we’ll discuss your needs and goals to settle on the right amount of coaching needed. It might be six sessions over six months or a shorter, focused burst of mentoring to get you ready for a specific life event. Whatever works for you. I coach from both London and Suffolk, as well as all over the world via Zoom!