Personal development coaching to take you from fed-up to fulfilled

Do you feel exhausted, resentful and lacking direction or focus? Maybe on a deeper level you’re grappling with the loss of the person you are?

You may have tried several quick fixes – the self-help books, hiring a personal trainer or maybe even another coaching program. But the feeling is still there in your gut.

As a qualified personal development and executive coach, I use proven tools, step-by-step processes and strategies in our coaching. We’ll expose and work with your own unique desires and values to bring you fulfilment and clarity in your career, personal life or through periods of intense change and transition.

Personal Coaching

For those seeking more equity and balance. Have you been putting the needs of others before your own for a very long time? Through personal coaching, we’ll focus on family commitments, children and personal development, to make the world outside work more fulfilling.

Career Coaching

Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Perhaps corporate success has started to feel like box-ticking, or you’re headed towards a big career change. Career coaching will equip you with the tools and mindset to navigate a new chapter at work.

Life Transition Coaching

Change is never easy and is often traumatic. Sometimes it’s our choice, sometimes it’s forced upon us. Whether it’s redundancy, a bereavement, divorce or retirement, transition coaching gives you the tools and space to take stock, find a new path and take positive action.

Family Dynamic Coaching

Are you struggling to navigate a change in your family set-up? I bring a unique perspective from my own adoption to help redress the often challenging impact our home life – both past and present – can have on our habits, relationships and worldview.

Corporate Coaching

Do you need executive coaching support in your organisation? I deliver in-house corporate training and offer learning and development solutions to enhance leadership, communication and team culture within established businesses.