Parent & Family Dynamic Coaching

Who’s it for?

  • You may have recently become a step-parent in a family, which has left you struggling with blending families and the havoc and hurt that can cause.
  • Your young children are ‘acting out’ or growing into teenagers, and you want to parent them firmly, respectfully and with empathy.
  • You are experiencing a major change in life circumstances such as marriage, adoption or divorce.
  • Unresolved issues from childhood may be impacting your behaviours in adulthood.
  • Family life feels fraught. A lack of communication is leading to explosive arguments or repeated problems.
  • You want to explore the way adoption has shaped your life, relationships and/or parenting style.
  • Perhaps the pandemic has exacerbated challenges and left you struggling to connect as a family.

Understanding how our own upbringing can impact the relationships we have with our children is an invaluable tool. Why do we react the way we do in an argument? Which underlying mechanisms are keeping us stuck in the same cycles and causing communication to break down at home? Why does it feel like your children are becoming more distant the more you strive for closeness?

The pandemic has presented a challenge to us all as families in ways we’d never have imagined. And having the tools to approach problems in a way that reduces anxiety, rather than escalating it, will help your whole family enjoy more harmonious relationships.

Having been adopted myself, I bring an informed, empathetic perspective to the many facets of family dynamics, and how they can impact all areas of our lives. Although almost all my coaching will touch on family relationships, Parent & Family Dynamic Coaching specifically addresses family circumstances and enhances communication for more harmonious relationships. 

Parent & Family Dynamic Coaching affords you and your children (be they birth children, adopted or step-children) an opportunity to understand why you respond the way you do to situations, challenges or seismic events. Through exploration of familial patterns you experienced growing up, we will sense check ingrained habits and behaviours to bring better balance and harmony to your current, and future, family dynamics.

How my coaching works

I I believe your needs should always dictate the coaching experience. So we’ll begin with a complimentary Chemistry Session, to establish whether we’re a good fit. We’ll discuss your needs and goals to agree safe parameters, get you thinking about what it is you want to work on and choose the right amount of coaching needed. It might be six sessions over six months or a shorter, focused burst of mentoring. Whatever works for you. I coach from both London and Suffolk, as well as all over the world via Zoom!