Family Dynamic Coaching

Who’s it for?

  • You may have recently become a step-parent in a family, which has left you struggling with blending families and the havoc and hurt that can cause.
  • You are experiencing a major change in life circumstances such as marriage, adoption or divorce.
  • You may be grappling with establishing boundaries in a difficult divorce.
  • Unresolved issues from childhood may be impacting your behaviours in adulthood.
  • Family life feels fraught. A lack of communication is leading to explosive arguments or repeated problems.

Having been adopted myself, I bring an informed, empathetic perspective to the many facets of family dynamics, and how they can impact all areas of our lives. Although almost all my coaching will touch on family relationships, Family Dynamic Coaching specifically addresses these circumstances to support you to release blocks and enhance communication, for a happier, more content family life.

How my coaching works

I believe your needs should always dictate the coaching experience. So we’ll begin with a complimentary Chemistry Session, to establish whether we’re a good fit. Then we’ll discuss your needs and goals to settle on the right amount of coaching needed. It might be six sessions over six months or a shorter, focused burst of mentoring to get you ready for a specific life event. Whatever works for you. I coach from both London and Suffolk, as well as all over the world via Zoom!