Personal Coaching

Who’s it for?

  • You feel stuck in a rut and are at a loss to know how to get out of it.

  • You put the needs of everyone else before your own.

  • Doing things for yourself feels selfish.

  • Family commitments or lifestyle changes feel overwhelming.

  • You are feeling unfulfilled and exhausted, lacking focus and direction.

  • You may be experiencing a loss of self, questioning what it is you enjoy, stand for or value.

  • You are hampered by negative thoughts and struggle to make changes on your own.

Our personal coaching will take a deep look at your personal beliefs, values and your fears. Through our sessions together, we’ll work on your mindset and provide you with the tools and techniques to banish repeating patterns that do not serve you. Concepts such as IKIGAI (a Japanese method to illuminate purpose) will help us frame your unique skills and talents, helping you to overcome feelings of self-doubt, or perfectionism and make choices with clarity.

How my coaching works

I believe your needs should always dictate the coaching experience. So we’ll begin with a complimentary Chemistry Session, to establish whether we’re a good fit. Then we’ll discuss your needs and goals to settle on the right amount of coaching needed. It might be six sessions over six months or a shorter, focused burst of mentoring to get you ready for a specific life event. Whatever works for you. I coach from both London and Suffolk, as well as all over the world via Zoom!