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Welcome to A Change of Tack with Sarah Stirling.

Sarah Stirling is a qualified Executive and Personal Coach. Sarah’s approach to coaching is to bring a balance of support and challenge, of personal warmth and directness. Sarah believes that coaching should help people to acknowledge their strengths and talents and to celebrate their achievements. However, there should be a hard edge as well, helping clients to understand their role in achieving business success, and to enhance that role in ways that are measurable and sustainable. Effective coaching challenges limiting assumptions embedded in our viewpoints about self and others. Coaching drives you to achieve more in less time and supports you to grow your business and simultaneously improve your overall life.


What I offer

All forms of coaching are based on a learning process where the coach and the client identify goals, develop strategies, relationships and action plans intended to achieve those goals. The main difference between Personal, Business and Team coaching is the context but in practice they may often overlap.


Personal coaching focuses on the world outside work. It may address the need to balance family commitments, children and personal development. Or it may centre on a major change in life circumstances such as marriage, divorce or retirement. Or it could be centred on improving personal and family relationships.


Focuses on the work environment. It may concern settling into a new and unfamiliar role or achieving work-life balance. It could be to do with developing the individual’s own coaching skills in order to get the best out of their own team. Or it could entail thinking through personal and career development.


Transition coaching focuses on life’s big transitions – often more than a change of tack. Change is never easy, often traumatic; sometimes it’s our choice, sometimes forced upon us. Sarah helps her clients navigate their own way through these big transitions in life: be it a promotion into uncertain territory or a bereavement, a divorce or retirement, a child leaving home or a new bonus family

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Thoughtful and insightful sessions. They provided an opportunity for reflection on the past and encouraged a challenge to current thinking in terms of prioritisation of future actions.

Andrew Comer

BuroHappold Engineering

I’d hit a mental brick wall and for the first time in 25 years lacked certainty of direction. Within 3 sessions Sarah had identified the crux of the issue and set me on a course of correction! Delighted!

Chief Marketing Officer

AlShaya Group

 Working with Sarah is extremely insightful and useful – she’s very focussed and not remotely fluffy. Her questions are challenging, and I leave every session feeling energised and clear in my objectives, both in the short & longer term

Author & Director 

Investors Relations Connect

I’ve worked with a number of life coaches over my 30 year career and thought I’d tried all the different angles.
Sarah’s approach is a breath of freshair, literally to unravel life’s choices and determine what worked best and why. Then tenaciously ask the right questions until the light comes back on!

Corporate Affairs Director


I had the unique opportunity to seek advice and guidance from Sarah on both a personal and business level. Following a redundancy and challenging personal problems, Sarah provided me with a structured, in depth and extremely insightful vision and path towards achieving the end goal. Due to Sarah’s guidance I have now secured what one can describe as the ‘unicorn role’ and my personal life is far more balanced and structured. I would unquestionably recommend Sarah on both levels.

Event Director

Craft Beer Rising at Elastic

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